What is the difference between the FTC DNC and Searchbug DNC?

What is the difference between the FTC DNC and Searchbug DNC?

The federal DNC data provided by the FTC is no different than the data provided by Searchbug for federal DNC, it's the same data. Where it differs is as follows:

1) Searchbug DNC also includes State DNC check (FTC does not)+
2) Searchbug DNC also includes DNC Complainers (FTC does not)
3) Searchbug DNC also includes TCPA Litigator Check (FTC does not)
4) Searchbug DNC is available in XML or JSON (FTC is JSON only)
5) Searchbug DNC does not have "throttling" or query limitations (FTC does)
6) Searchbug DNC is hosted on cloud severs with triple redundancy (FTC is well, the government, not sure how reliable the servers are)
7) Searchbug DNC comes with customer support and integration assistance as needed (FTC does not)

State DNC List Verification is available the following 13 states: Colorado (CO), Florida (FL), Indiana (IN), Louisiana (LA), Massachusetts (MA), Mississippi (MS), Missouri (MO), Oklahoma (OK), Pennsylvania (PA), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Washington (WA), Wyoming (WY). We also report if the phone number listed as "DNC Complainer". These are the people who have complained but have not yet sent demand letters or sued.

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