What is State "Do Not Call" (DNC) List Check?

What is State "Do Not Call" (DNC) List Check?

There are a total of (13) states that maintain their own "Do Not Call" list. When placing non-exempt calls, telemarketers are required to suppress against the applicable state lists in addition to the national (Federal) DNC list. The costs, update schedules, and available exemptions from the lists vary by state.

The states with their own DNC list are as follows:
1. Colorado (CO)
2. Florida (FL)
3. Indiana (IN)
4. Louisiana (LA)
5. Massachusetts (MA)
6. Mississippi (MI)
7. Missouri (MO)
8. Oklahoma (OK)
9. Pennsylvania (PA)
10. Tennessee (TN)
11. Texas (TX)
12. Washington (WA)
13. Wyoming (WY)

This feature is available in our Phone Verification APIs.
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