Simplify Your Online Purchases with Search Tokens ($T)

What are Search Tokens ($T)?

Searchbug introduced Search Tokens ($T) in 2019 in order to simplify the process of purchasing information online. As one of the few data providers that does not charge subscription fees, monthly fees, sign-up fees, membership fees, or any other recurring fees for that matter, Searchbug needed a way to accommodate consumers who felt the same way that we do -- recurring fees suck!

Search Tokens are essentially a micro payment system. You purchase $T directly from our website and then use the $T to place your searches. Every search has a specific $T cost. For example, SSN Validation is 50 $T and Premium People Search is 200 $T. 

You can purchase as little as 500 $T for $5.00 (100 $T = $1.00 USD). Additionally, we offer free bonus $T with every purchase of $25.00 or more. The larger the purchase, the larger the bonus. The illustration below demonstrates the incremental increase in bonus $T that we offer with every purchase.

And here's the best part -- $T never expires. Run your searches on your time.

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