Simplify Your Online Purchases with Search Tokens ($T)

What are Search Tokens ($T)?

Searchbug introduced Search Tokens ($T) in 2019 in order to simplify the process of purchasing information online. As one of the few data providers that does not charge subscription fees, monthly fees, sign-up fees, membership fees, or any other recurring fees for that matter, Searchbug needed a way to accommodate consumers who felt the same way that we do -- recurring fees suck!

Search Tokens are essentially a micro payment system. You purchase $T directly from our website and then use the $T to place your searches. Every search has a specific $T cost. For example, SSN Validation is 50 $T and Premium People Search is 200 $T. 

You can purchase as little as 500 $T for $5.00 (100 $T = $1.00 USD). Additionally, we offer free bonus $T with every purchase of $25.00 or more. The larger the purchase, the larger the bonus. The illustration below demonstrates the incremental increase in bonus $T that we offer with every purchase.

And here's the best part -- $T never expires. Run your searches on your time.

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    • Is my first search free?

      Yes! After you sign up for an account, and the account verification process is complete, your first search is on the house!
    • Can I search for a celebrity?

      Absolutely not. Searching for celebrities, politicians, and famous people in general is strictly prohibited and a direct violation of our Terms of Service.
    • If my first search is free, why are there charges on my credit card between $0.01 and $0.99?

      Searchbug utilizes the credit card as a form of identity verification. A randomized test transaction will be sent to your credit card between $0.01 - $0.99 cents during account registration. Next, you will be asked to check your online banking ...
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    • Where does Searchbug get the data?

      What sets Searchbug apart from other people search sites is its focus on data quality. Other people search sites own their data and store it on one large database. Stored data erodes and becomes stale. Searchbug utilizes a unique algorithm to search ...