Is My First Search Free? Get Your Answer Here!

Is my first search free?

Yes! After you sign up for an account, and the account verification process is complete, your first search is on the house!
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    • If my first search is free, why are there charges on my credit card between $0.01 and $0.99?

      Searchbug utilizes the credit card as a form of identity verification. A randomized test transaction will be sent to your credit card between $0.01 - $0.99 cents during account registration. Next, you will be asked to check your online banking ...
    • What are Search Tokens ($T)?

      Searchbug introduced Search Tokens ($T) in 2019 in order to simplify the process of purchasing information online. As one of the few data providers that does not charge subscription fees, monthly fees, sign-up fees, membership fees, or any other ...
    • Can I search for a celebrity?

      Absolutely not. Searching for celebrities, politicians, and famous people in general is strictly prohibited and a direct violation of our Terms of Service.
    • How do I send an MMS/SMS email to a cell phone to avoid texting fees?

      First, you can utilize a Phone Validator to identify the MMS/SMS email address behind a cell phone. Next, watch the videos below to learn how to take advantage of this service and send SMS messages for FREE: Part 1: ...
    • What is Data Enrichment?

      Data enrichment is the process of enhancing the value of existing data. It includes updating, adding, or correcting the current information you have. This can be done by utilizing various techniques. One specific type of data enrichment is Data ...