Can I verify SSN information with a Standard Account?

Can I verify SSN information with a Standard Account?

This feature is not available to Standard accounts. Only accounts with the SSN Add-On and Restricted Access (Professional) Add-On have access to these types of searches.

However, standard accounts can utilize our Investigator-Assisted searches in order to gain access to this information, provided you have a legally permissible reason.

You can learn more about Searchbug Account Types & Add-Ons here.
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    • What features are available to a Standard account?

      Almost all features are available to Standard accounts, except for the following: Skip Tracing SSN Searches Place of Employment Searches DMV Searches Eviction Searches You can learn more about Searchbug Account Types & Add-Ons here.
    • What information is required for the SSN Add-on?

      SSN Add-On verification is handled on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the following forms of documentation are required as proof of your active business: Required: A copy of your IRS SS-4 form showing your Tax ID Plus one of the following: - A ...
    • How do I apply for the SSN Add-On?

      After you log in to your account, click your username in the upper right and select "Your Account" from the dropdown menu Next, under the "Business Details" section, click the "REQUEST NOW" link (see screenshot below) Next, you will be directed to a ...
    • What additional features are available with the SSN Add-On?

      The following additional searches are available to accounts with the SSN Add-On: SSN Verification SSN and Last Name Match
    • What information is required for the Restricted Access Add-On?

      The process of applying for Restricted Access typically takes 7-10 business days. Here are the steps involved: Apply for Restricted Access Pay the $147.00 business verification fee Provide supporting documentation (specifics are provided on the ...