Can I verify SSN information with a Standard Account?

Can I verify SSN information with a Standard Account?

This feature is not available to Standard accounts. Only accounts with the SSN Add-On and Restricted Access (Professional) Add-On have access to these types of searches.

However, standard accounts can utilize our Investigator-Assisted searches in order to gain access to this information, provided you have a legally permissible reason.

You can learn more about Searchbug Account Types & Add-Ons here.
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    • What features are available to a Standard account?

      Almost all features are available to Standard accounts, except for the following: Skip Tracing SSN Searches Place of Employment Searches DMV Searches Eviction Searches You can learn more about Searchbug Account Types & Add-Ons here.
    • What information is required for the SSN Verification Add-on?

      SSN Add-On verification is handled on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the following forms of documentation are required as proof of your active business: Required: A copy of your IRS SS-4 form showing your Tax ID Plus one of the following: - A ...
    • How do I apply for the SSN Verification Add-On?

      The SSN Verification Add-on provides access to our special SSN Validator tool and our proprietary SSN/Name Match tool and the accompanied API for real-time access. Business documentation is required to gain access to the SSN Add-on. A valid business ...
    • What additional features are available with the SSN Verification Add-On?

      The following additional searches are available to accounts with the SSN Add-On: SSN Verification This Social Security Number Validation tool reports where and when SSN was issued and whether it belongs to a living or deceased person. Results of SSN ...
    • What information is required for the Restricted Access Add-On?

      The process of applying for Restricted Access typically takes 7-10 business days. Here are the steps involved: Apply for Restricted Access Pay the $147.00 business verification fee Provide supporting documentation (specifics are provided on the ...